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DVD Blu-ray Duplication and VHS Transfers

Tucson's DVD Blu-ray duplication

DVD Blu-ray Duplication

Tucson’s DVD Blu-ray duplication service. We can make copies of your video on either DVD or Blu-ray, also we can print your disc label with box cover. If you don’t have a print design, let us make it for you! We carry a wide range of packaging from double disc cases to slip sleeves for your media disc copies. Southern Arizona Video Productions is established locally in central Tucson for ease of access. Our business accommodates a large volumes of DVD/Blu-ray duplication requests ranging from several copies to well in the hundreds. Affordable and professional, contact us today!

VHS Transfers

We transfer videos from VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Betamax, DV, and MiniDV to the latest standard format of DVD, Blue-ray or digital. Professional print packaging can also be provided. Let us take care of your classic film!

We’re currently offering a special rate for VHS to DVD transfer:

  • 2hrs of footage onto two DVD copies for $9.99

Contact us today for requests and other quotes.